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LBHA Arena

3500 Ong Pl.

Loomis, CA 95650



Horses are not allowed on any grass area,

sidewalk, picnic area or paved parking lot.

Please stay off the ball fields and

the dirt track along the ball field fencing.

Horses are only allowed in the arena,

the dirt parking lots and the nature trails.

We have received reports of horses in off limit areas.

Please don't jeopardize our use of Loomis Park South.



PERMIT REQUIRED for GROUP USE, LESSONS, EQUIPMENT such as JUMPS, POLES & BARRELS.  This is to comply with our insurance and Placer County.  See below for groups/lessons/equipment use.  THIS ARENA IS OWNED AND MANAGED BY LBHA, NOT COUNTY PARKS


  • RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK – a helmet is encouraged

  • Notify LBHA of any arena DAMAGE or INJURIES to riders, required for our insurance records.

  • Please be courteous to other riders, loose horses are not permitted if others are riding.

  • Events may be scheduled at the last moment check the calendar before hauling out

  • PERMIT is required for the following arena uses to comply with insurance and to verify liability coverage. 

    • ALL GROUP USE  youth, church, groups that are scheduled events, or posted online/shops.

    • JUMPING & BARREL RACING or poles for speed event practice. 

    • LESSONS whether for free, barter or charge.

    • Please do not bring ANY equipment/jumps/obstacles without a permit

  • Lock trailer parking gate after entering and when leaving.  Trailers are not permitted on asphalt parking area. Cars are permitted to park in gravel area, but should not block trailer parking gate.

  • Abide by the NO HORSE SIGNS, no riding on ball fields or grassy area.

  • Dogs on a leash only, Parks has a leash law.

  • Trail behind the arena leads to Secret Ravine. Horses are permitted on the circular ¼ mile trail.

  • Leave only hoof prints, please take your manure home to help keep our facility clean.

Arena Reservations Trainers & Group Use


  1. Check the ARENA USE SCHEDULE on the homepage to see if your date is available

  2. Complete ARENA USE FORM below

  3. Obtain Proper Insurance

  • Have  a copy of your Insurance Certificate and Endorsement to Arena Use Form Mailed to LBHA and to Placer County.  Addresses on Form.

  • Insurance Certificates must be on file with LBHA and PLACER COUNTY 7 days prior to your event

  • Requirement $1 million Liability

  • See form for more details

  • After you get your permit, just email or Phone LBHA within 24 hrs of using the arena.


4. Mail or email to LBHA and you will be issued a PERMIT by LBHA

You can obtain an arena key without being a member. Use the membership form and pay $20.00.

We highly recommend that during baseball and soccer season you park in the trailer parking area beyond the red gate due to high traffic and constant problems with people blocking trailers in.  This allows the gravel area to be used for overflow parking for park users.

The arena at the park is 120' by 225', sanded and is watered. There is plenty of parking for most shows. Bleachers and announcer booth available. Jumps, and trail equipment are available to rent. 
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