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LBHA and a local mountain bike group, FATRAC, have written  a joint letter to Auburn State Recreation Area land managers supporting the expansion of the multi-use trail system  in the Auburn area and the construction of a bridge to connect Auburn area with the Cool area trails.

New LBHA Trail Policy intended to outline concerns and propose solutions for trail safety. It is not a multi-use trail construction manual.  We hope that it will generate a constructive approach for all trail enthusiasts to work together to develop more trail opportunities in our local public lands. LBHA Trail Policy

Local Trails


The local members of LBHA are fortunate to live in one of the most scenic, varied, and horse-friendly areas of California that is close to the Sierras as well as the beaches of the Pacific. LBHA wants to keep it horse friendly. Most of the trails reviewed are close enough for day rides.


This page provides links to non-LBHA web sites that provide additional information. LBHA cannot attest to the accuracy of information on non-LBHA pages.  Providing links to a non-LBHA Web site is not an endorsement of the other sites by LBHA or any of its members.


Trail Reports by Robert H. Sydnor, Geologist

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